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            The signature materials of the studio are limestone and glass.  The soft limestone is native to Central Texas and known as Cordova limestone with two distinct varieties; a beautiful cream color with smooth variating grains and another with a similar tone and embedded with deep shells and fossils.  The glass, used as a metaphor for water, is an industrial transparent glass that when viewed from different angles, has a radiant blue/green aqua effect. 


Damian Priour in Action
Cordova Shell Stone
Stacked Glass Panels
JJ Priour in Action
David Hesser in Action
Cordova Cream Stone

Damian Priour Studio revolves around the marriage of native Texas limestone and glass.  The conversation between the soft ancient fossiliferous limestone and hard smooth industrial glass is intended as a metaphor for the properties of water, in all its forms and incarnations.  Light and the refractive nature of the glass reflect the visual aesthetic of water, and the sedimentary limestone, itself a result of the actions of eons of water, is a reminder of water’s power.  Together, the two represent the elemental scope of the most important building block of our universe – water.  By confronting viewers on this very most basic level, the sculptures appeal to everyone at the most subconscious way, both inspiring and soothing.

After Damian’s death in 2011, the work and the aesthetic of the sculpture passed with the capable hands of his son, JJ, and his longtime friend and studio assistant David Hesser.  Together they continue the work and maintain the archive and the remaining original pieces Damian left behind.  The creativity of the studio continues to expand and inspire.

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